Don’t become another first-date casualty

Every year in the US, there are hundreds of thousands of nightmare first-dates. With a little quick vetting, these lamentable encounters can be easily averted. People come to Vetted to explore meaningful connections. We believe anything else is a waste of precious time.

A fast test chemistry test

  • Engage in 3 revealing and progressive levels of communication
  • Vet your match using the fun 3 level system
  • Know if they are worth your time to do a video date or to meet in person

Vet your match within 7 days – max

  1. Match based on mutual interests
  2. Complete a compatibility quiz
  3. Read their texts  (level 1)
  4. Hear their voice  (level 2)
  5. See their video (level 3)
  6. Vet the new person within 7 days – max
  7. Decide if you should meet IRL, on a Vetted video date….or keep moving